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Bauxite ore resources increased by 201 million tons in 79 newly discovered mineral deposits nationwide


China invested 17.211 billion yuan in geological exploration in 2019, making new progress in mineral exploration, basic geological survey and hydrogeological survey and evaluation, according to the 2019 National Geological Survey Results Bulletin released by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

In terms of the establishment of exploration rights, by the end of 2019, there were 11,373 non-oil and gas exploration rights in validity, 173,900 square kilometers of registered exploration area, and 503 new non-oil and gas exploration rights.In terms of mineral exploration, in 2019, there were 79 newly discovered mineral deposits in China, and the top five newly discovered mineral deposits were common fluorite, graphite, gold, copper and tungsten.At the same time, the country's 418 completed stage exploration to place properties, according to the survey results, new inference main mineral resources are: 9.049 billion tons of coal, iron ore (751, 1.00, 0.13%) 210 million tons, 21.5871 million tons of 1.0558 million tons of copper, manganese ore, bauxite ore 74700 tons of 201 million tons, 2.77 million tons of lead and zinc, molybdenum, gold silver 107.07 tons, 1953.1 tons, 108 million tons, 60.72 million tons of graphite of phosphate rock.

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