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  • Aluminum Extrusion Materials Classification

    Aluminum Extrusion Materials Classification

    According to the main application totally divided into building aluminum extrusion materials and industrial aluminum extrusion material two big kinds. Building aluminum extrusion materials mainly refers to aluminium profiles using for building doors and windows, building curtain wall, indoor an...

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  • 6063 aluminum extrusion profiles and heat treatment process

    6063 aluminum extrusion profiles and heat treatment process

    For extrusion production, the extrusion temperature is the most basic and the key technological factors. Extrusion temperature on product quality, production efficiency, mould life, energy consumption and so on all have a great influence. Extrusion is the most important problem is the metal temp...

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  • The Benefits of Aluminum Profiles

    The Benefits of Aluminum Profiles

    Now many electronic products shell material is mainly considered of aluminium extrusion profiles, aluminum products have become one of the mainstream products in the electronics industry. Aluminum profile has the advantage of: 1. The density of aluminum is very small, as 2.7g/cm, only 35% of ste...

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