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Environmental Management


For helping the environment to ascend, 3 ~ 6 months of Xiamen Yongmingjie(YMJ) Energy Resources Tec Co.,Ltd, organization to carry out the party construction "environmental management" project activities, effectively solve the outstanding problems that exist in the production and living environment, to create a good production and living environment for employees, improve the staff's sense of belonging, a sense of security, feeling and happiness, not only improve the standardization and fine management inside, and comprehensively enhance the external image of the company.

Since market turmoil since the outbreak, aluminum products, production and operation situation, under the double pressure, Xiamen Yongmingjie company always put the party committee leadership of grassroots governance, solidarity, mobilize the masses, laying solid foundation at the primary level as a powerful means for the work authors survive, in the implementation of the "survival pressure gold authors figure" good company at the same time, in order to "action" organization system construction of three years improve party organizations at all levels, charisma and effectiveness;At the same time, in order to project the party as the carrier, to strengthen the "double gen, four of the" achievements, on the basis of around "stable production, cost reduction, risk prevention and survival" center, the party to carry out the "environmental management" project activities, party organizations at all levels and improve the service ability of production and business operation, service the masses of party members ability and the ability to overcome difficult, reform and innovation, give full play to the party members in the party construction of project activities demonstrative leading and cutting edge exemplary role.

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