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Ministry of Natural Resources issues green mine evaluation index


In order to do a good job in the selection of green mines, the Ministry of Natural Resources recently issued "Evaluation Index of Green Mines" and "Requirements for the third party evaluation of Green Mines selection", which unified the evaluation index standard and standardized the third party evaluation.

"Green Mine Evaluation Index" defines the prerequisites for the selection of green mines: first, "Business License", "Mining License" and "Safety License" are legal and valid;Second, no administrative penalty has been imposed in the past three years and no major safety or environmental accidents have occurred.Third, it is not included in the mining owner exploration and mining information disclosure system abnormal directory;Fourthly, the mine shall be in normal operation and the mining life of the remaining reserves shall be no less than 3 years;Fifth, the mining area does not involve all kinds of natural protection.

The evaluation index includes 6 first-level indicators, 24 second-level indicators and 100 third-level indicators, including mining area environment, resource development mode, comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, scientific and technological innovation and intelligent mine, enterprise management and enterprise image. The scoring method will be adopted with a total score of 1000 points.In principle, mining enterprises with scores lower than 800 cannot participate in the selection of green mines, and the natural resources departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) may adjust the "standard line" according to the actual situation and under the premise of not reducing the comprehensive requirements.Among them, the score of first-level index in principle cannot be lower than 75% of the total score of this level index.

For the third party evaluation in the selection of green mines, the Ministry of Natural Resources requires the third party evaluation institutions to form an evaluation group of not less than 5 persons, and to maintain independence with mining enterprises, not to participate in the compilation of self-evaluation reports of mines, and not to have any business dealings with mining enterprises within one year before and after the implementation of the evaluation.The third-party assessment report shall describe in detail the assessment procedures, access to materials, and inspection of the site, so as to make clear the basis for determining whether the mining enterprise complies with the standards and requirements.

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